The Weekend Hotness: Curse you, Clock King!

Daylight savings ended today, and once again the Clock King evaded capture. I swear in the name of justice, I shall put a stop to his treacherous temporal tactics and crimes of chronological calamity for good. The only appointment in his future is with the warden at Arkham!

This weekend, we take things nice and slow. Jonathan Holmes is feeling a little provocative, Jim Sterling tells off Microsoft and diddles with sporting equipment, and Mortal Kombat just wants to party hard!

Destructoid Original:
TtWaV Teaser: Should Skyward Sword be rated M?
Hey Microsoft, no means no!
Comments of the Week: For the discerning panda

Community blogs of 11/5 & 11/6
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Destructoid Meetup at Burning Man 2012 confirmed

Trine 2 guys, it has a website
Getting jiggy with Dance Central’s Marathon Pack 01
Warner Bros.’ Seattle studio gives the gift of pink slips
New, original Zelda game being prepped for 3DS
Hollywood perplexed by Ubisoft control over AssCreed film

Gearbox to honor late fan as an NPC in Borderlands 2
Noise Channel: a new radio show dedicated to chiptunes
Mortal Kombat Breakin’: Electric Boogaloo
Chill out with this unplugged Castlevania medley
This LEGO Store display features birds that are angry
Dead Space: The Musical is brilliant but f*cked up
Holy crap, Mortal Kombat: The Album was TERRIBLE!!!

Get love drunk on the Black Eye Peas Experience next week
Saints Row: The Third game show goes full length
Modern Warfare 3 shows a noob how it’s done

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