The Weekend Hotness: Crazy remix edition (09/14/08)

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I really don’t know what it is about this Persona 3 remix, but I absolutely love it. Probably because I’m crazy.

Jim lays down the new Destructoid Review guideline, new photos of the Lara Croft model are knee-boob-refic, Henry Hatsworth is going to be amazing, Burnout Bikes will be soon and plenty more happened over the weekend. 

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Destructoid Reviews:
The Official Destructoid Review Guide ver. 2.0
Tales of Vesperia
Infinite Undiscovery
Wii Fit

Woolworths cutting British Xbox prices for Christmas
Burnout: Paradise Bike pack coming really soon
Fallout 3 Survival Edition for the PS3 has sold out
Killer Instinct 3 sheet music is probably real
Wipeout HD is 20 bucks but the seizures are free
360 version of Alone in the Dark may not get patched if PS3 version doesn’t sell
Dead Space’s horror influence comes from life, not space monsters
Duke Nukem 3D is hitting XBLA on September 24
Grand Theft Auto IV PC release date and recommended requirements revealed
Spore is getting pirated like crazy: Karma at work?
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes update fixes 1000 bugs, adds new starting location
The EA/Take-Two love affair is over: They’re both single, ladies!

DJ Hero is what you think, Jazzy Jeff unconfirmed

New photos of Lara Croft model reveal that she can probably kick your ass

Debut trailer for Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure
Robot Chicken’s take on Excitebike is anus shattering good
Jenny McCarthy has Warrior Femininity ™

Faketoid: Team ICO bringing The Queen to TGS?
Sony should sell out to Microsoft, according to rich Japanese crook

Feel The Hatred: Gamers

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