The Trophy of Strife drop in WoW Dragonflight can be earned through seasonal PVP

How to get Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight

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Between all of the live service games amid MMOs out there, it’s tough to really keep track of all of the currencies therein. I mean, I do a pretty decent job! But when there’s currencies upon currencies, and you can’t even earn all of them at launch, things get confusing. Here’s where to get a Trophy of Strife in WoW Dragonflight.

Trophies of Strife drop as seasonal rewards in WoW Dragonflight

If you want to start farming Trophies of Strife, you’ll need to wait until Season 1 begins, then acquire them through weekly PVP quests. At launch, Trophies of Strife do not drop from player skirmishes, and the quests that produce them aren’t active.

Remember, you have to have War Mode enabled, which can be done at a faction capital city. Go to your capital city of your faction (Stormwind for Alliance, Orgrimmar for Horde), press the “N” (talent) key, and look for the toggle in the lower right hand corner of the menu. From then on you’ll be participating in world PVP until you turn it back off.

Season 1 of WoW Dragonflight starts on December 12

As confirmed by Blizzard, Season 1 kicks off on December 12. At that point you’ll be able to earn Trophies of Strife.

Once you do pick some up, the NPC Malicia (in Valdrakken) will take them.

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As of January, 2023, the Trophy of Strife vendor is giving some players issues

As players logged in with the new January Dragonflight patch, they were met with a series of errors: including the revelation that Season 2 gear was potentially in the mix early (which is still slated for later in Q1 2023), and the old vendor (Malicia) no longer handles Trophies of Strife. At this point, you’ll want to head to Corxian in Gladiator’s Refuge (coordinates 45, 38) to upgrade your gear.

Some players are reporting that when upgrading, Trophy of Strife items will not be taken as payment, but will remain in your inventory as a “dead” item.

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