The Sniper’s new weapon in Team Fortress 2 is a jar of piss

Today’s Team Fortress 2 update reveals the Sniper’s new weapon: a jar of piss. Yes, really. Jarate, as it’s called, is a jar of pee that’s used as a projectile. When an enemy gets hit with the jar of piss, they will take 35% more damage for a period of time. Jarate can also short out the Spy’s cloaking devices and extinguish any fire effects on teammates. Jarate’s effects can be washed off to by jumping into water.

Like this Spy one, the latest update brings with it another ad from Saxton Hale’s catalog of weapons as well as a comic showing the origins of how the Sniper got Jarate. The Sniper’s achievement list was also revealed in this update.

As great as this update is, I can’t help but wonder what kind of sick Garry’s Mod stuff we’re going to see involving Jarate. And don’t forget, Team Fortress 2 is free to play starting today!

Hamza Aziz