The ski lift is one of the things cut from the Resident Evil 4 remake

It was so fun in VR

The ski lift, otherwise known as the “lift” portion of Resident Evil 4 was one of its most memorable moments for me when playing in VR. Lifting up a rifle or using a pistol in a full VR space was incredibly satisfying, and I was looking forward to seeing how silly Capcom could get with the remake. Well, it’s not there! Let’s break down where it was located, and what happens instead.

The ski lift has been replaced in the remake by a chase sequence

So the lift, in the original campaign, was the prelude to the Chief Mendez boss fight. You’d ride the lift, fight off enemies to the sides and (comically) in another nearby lift, and investigate a control booth: it was both funny and fun. Eventually you’d make it to the slaughterhouse and start the story transition into the castle segment of the game.

In the remake, you’ll be fighting the Chainsaw Sisters directly before Chief Mendez’s showdown in the slaughterhouse in a full-on bloodbath arena battle with a ton of enemies. Following that you’ll run away from Mendez, then move into the boss battle. It’s a more thrilling setup that’s for sure, but I’ll forever miss being able to play a remade ski lift.

That same area kinda-sorta exists in the remake: when you witness Ramon Salazar walk away with Ashley on a cliffside. But there is no ski lift section, and no small network of caves in that zone.

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