How to beat the Chief Mendez boss in the Resident Evil 4 remake

He’s a little more contained this time

While the Resident Evil 4 remake has a lot of changes, it does hit a lot of the same story and boss beats as the original. That includes the Chief Mendez fight in the burning barn, which, while similar, does have some remake-centric nuances. Here’s how to beat Mendez and go on your way.

Phase 1: Get to the high ground to easily finish the first part of the Mendez boss fight

As soon as this fight starts, turn to the right and head up the ladder.¬†From here you’ll have a nice vantage point to take out Mendez.

Any weapon will do in terms of taking him down, but up high you’ll have a better chance to see his telegraphed attacks coming You’ll be able to periodically dodge (circle/B) or parry (L1/LB) his attacks, so keep that in mind if you aren’t able to make some distance between you and Mendez.

A rifle is perfect for this fight, as you can often aim at the eyeball on his back for extra damage. When he hits the ground, bust out your best weapon and fire into that eye: since you’re up high, you’ll have an easy clear shot.

Phase 2: Beware of flying debris and have a gun ready to blast his barrels

After phase one Mendez’s legs will explode, and he’ll take to the rafters to start throwing debris and explosive barrels at you. If he starts aiming flaming debris, run from left to right (across the room) to give yourself enough clearance to dodge his attack (he’ll always throw two).

Immediately look back at Mendez to see if he’s going to throw explosive barrels at you: if so, get out your highest rate of fire weapon (the TMP works great) and aim at the barrels. Blowing them up will hit Mendez for a ton of damage and will make the fight a lot easier. If you’re not quick enough, he’ll throw the barrels at you, which can be bad news.

If he exits the back of the room and starts heading toward you, retreat, or go up the ladder to the top area to get some breathing room. After he’s taken enough damage he’ll get down on the ground. Use this opportunity to run up to him and slice him with your knife in a scripted sequence. With enough damage you’ll take him out.

As always, clear the entire room for items to help you with this fight.

Post-fight cleanup

After the fight you’ll get the “Grilled Big Cheese” achievement. Ashley will open up a nearby window in a scripted cutscene, allowing you to leave.

Make sure you grab Mendez’s eye on the ground to sell to The Merchant!

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