The Podcastle episode 23 records tomorrow: Goodbye, England’s Rose

We do not usually record an episode of The Podcastle until two weeks after the last, but on this occasion, we are making an exception and bringing you an early edition of the show. The reason for this is something that many of you will already know by now, if you caught one of the earlier announcements.

After months of questions, waiting, and “zomg what’s gonna happen to The Podcastle when you move?”, I am finally departing England for the United States of America. At the end of the week, in fact. To celebrate, and mark the occasion in a most fitting way, we will be recording my final Podcastle as a resident of the United Kingdom tomorrow. Join myself, Atheistium and Wardrox for our “Get the Hell out of our country” bash. 

The show will be 100% listener questions/comments, so be sure to post with your queries regarding anything and everything. We will attempt to read all five of them, but we can’t make any promises. Fire away, my children.

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