The Outbound Ghost brings an adorably ghastly RPG to PC in September

The Outbound Ghost

Some adorable 2D ghosts are heading to Steam soon

A new RPG with a delightfully paper aesthetic is on the way. The Outbound Ghost has locked in a PC release date for September 21, 2022.

Developer Conradical Games’ ghost-party RPG has drifted onto our radar before, but today’s trailer is worth watching if you haven’t seen this RPG yet. Though it’s a game about ghosts, The Outbound Ghost looks positively adorable. All of the papercraft characters and mixed 2D-3D environments look really great in this trailer.

Conradical Games specifically locked in a PC date for September 21, but it does plan on heading to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 as well. Physical copies will also be available for those console platforms at some point. And if you want a plushie of an adorable little ghost, well, great news for you: that’s on the way too.

Ghost stories

The Outbound Ghost has you playing as a little spirit that helps other ghosts into the afterlife. In the world of this game, ghosts embody regret. And while some people make it straight to the afterlife, those filled with regret over their previous lives stick around, haunting the world until they overcome it.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to help other ghosts come to terms with their situation and move on to the afterlife. And, of course, you might want to look into doing so for yourself too.

This journey of self-discovery takes place in a quaint little town, and looks like it has plenty of RPG battles and fun quests to explore as well. It feels like, to use a messy mash-up, Spiritfarer meets Paper Mario. And honestly, that alone is a fantastic pitch.

No date’s been announced just yet for the console versions. But as a Steam Deck owner, I’m definitely eyeing this one. We’ll see how it turns out later on in September. You can find The Outbound Ghost on Steam here.

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