The last Xbox One S deals of 2016

Xbox One S holiday remnants

Santa forgot your Xbox at the North Pole? No problemo, there are still a few lingering Xbox One S deals from select retailers out there. It’s not Cyber Monday anymore, but hey, these deals will get you way more bang for your buck than sucking up the full price.

The best deal out there is at Walmart, which keeps the $50 holiday discount intact on the 1TB Gears of War 4 white bundle and also offers you up to $100 in bonuses. Wally world is tossing in a $50 gift card for future purchases and a free wireless controller of your choice (white or black) which is about $50 in bonuses on top. This deal is actually close to what we saw on Black Friday.

Update: Walmart’s 1TB GOW4 bundle is now $50 more, negating much of the savings. Having said that, there is now a straight discount to $253.99 for a 1TB Xbox One S (that’s a ridiculously good price).



If you had a different Xbox One S bundle in mind to buy, your other best option is the Microsoft Store. There you’ll find the console bundles all full price (like everywhere else now) but with three really good offers this week: a $50 gift card bonus, a free game of your choice from list of 16, and a free copy of Ubisoft’s The Crew.

The free game options at Microsoft are not crap games like it usually offers. Of the 16 titles you can choose from options like Gears of War 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, ReCore, Madden NFL 17, and more. Both these offers will be dead by the end of the week.

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