The Fallout 76 Dread Island story continues with a new radio play

Fallout 76 Dread Island

Part 2 is live

The Fallout 76 Dread Island storyline has been extended, as part 2 of the new radio play drama is out: you can listen to it now!

The meta narrative follows the brother and sister team of Anna and Emilio, alongside of their very Lost in Space-esque robot companion H-4RT, as they explore and survive Dread Island.  Bethesda is saying that the “final two chapters” will arrive next week. In a really cool turn, you can listen to these radio plays in-game via your Pip-Boy (on the Pirate Radio station).

In other Fallout 76 news, Season 9 and the Test Your Metal update is set to arrive on June 14, which will inject a ton of new content into the game beyond the typical season pass refresh. The team reminds folks that extra public events will be available (Ruse Eagle Arena, Moonshine Jamboree, and Eviction notice), as well as quality of life upgrades like spotting downed enemies with a more obvious yellow highlight.

This weekend is also hosting a “Gold Rush” event: “Throughout this weekend, you can visit the Gold Press Machines at The Crater and Foundation to exchange your Treasury Notes for up to double the usual daily amount of Gold Bullion.”

Fallout 76 Dread Island radio play part 2:

As a reminder, you can find part one here:

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