Fallout 76’s new season is a take on King Kong, adds quicker rank-ups

Fallout 76's new season

“Fallout 1st Members will be able to rank up even more quickly and claim bonus rewards, as a result of new enhancements we are making to the Scoreboard”

Fallout 76‘s new season is coming on June 14 with the Test Your Metal update, and it’ll add a few wrinkles into the mix too.

Falling in with previous seasons, Season 9 will be centered around the theme of “Dread Island,” which is a clear nod to Skull Island and the King Kong franchise. To be clear this isn’t a place you can go directly in the game: it’s an elaborate theming of a season pass track, which provides rewards for players. That said, it does provide a series of radio plays for everyone to enjoy. The first part can be found below!

Here’s the setup for the Dread Island storyline:

“The Franklin family was riding high after embarking on an ambitious flight around the world. That is, until a turbulent storm led to a crash landing over uncharted territory, referred to by locals only as ‘Dread Island.’ The island’s ever-shifting environment is brimming with hidden treasures, ancient civilizations, and natural wonders waiting to be discovered, but it hides many dangers, as well. Cutthroat bandits, ferocious beasts, and the fury nature itself threaten even the sturdiest of adventurers who happen to wash up on Dread Island’s shores.”

Continuing to do seasons this way is genius. When I’m not playing Fallout 76, it’s fun to look in and at least acknowledge the effort the team is putting into something that is ostensibly a dressed-up battle pass. As far as what’s new, there will be quicker rank-ups for Fallout 1st members, as well as bonus rewards/challenges.

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