Fallout 76’s next big update, Test Your Metal, dated for June 14

Test Your Metal

That’s when Season 9 starts too

We finally have a date in mind for the Fallout 76 Test Your Metal update: Bethesda has confirmed a June 14 launch in a new blog post.

As a recap, Test Your Metal will task players with completing activities to earn the right to go on expeditions — which are new randomized missions that can involve the classic “Pitt” location from the Fallout series. Season 9 will also be arriving on the same day, and it has a name now: Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale. It’ll feature 100 ranks as usual, with new rewards in tow.

As far as ancillary updates and quality of life features go, you can expect Test Your Metal to have quite a few (with the granular details to come with the patch notes), but the big picture focus is on scoreboard enhancements. You can catch the deep dive into that and more in the developer video below.

The Atomic [Cash] Shop is a focus, with a developer stating: “When players are spending hard-earned money buying items from the Atomic Shop, we want to make sure those items are worth the money they’re spending.” It’s interesting to hear that the Atomic Shop is still such a huge focus given the messaging around its launch! Maybe the next time around, for whatever inevitable live service Fallout 76 follow-up will happen next, they can be more open about it from the get-go.

Fallout 76 Test Your Metal update deep dive:

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