The E3 Mega Hotness: Everything thus far

Over 200 links full of previews, news, trailers and so much more. The E3 and Dtoid home teams have been working non-stop to bring you so much coverage that it HURTS. Hurts so good!

Easily the biggest news this week was the Wii U reveal and the PlayStation Vita. I actually played with the Wii U today and it was pretty cool. I’m going again soon to bring you a better preview than “pretty cool” but check out Nick’s hands-on for all the info you need for now.

Here’s everything from the last two days.

The Big E3 stuff:
E3: Wii U does 1080p via HDMI, supports external HDDs
E3: Hands-on with Nintendo’s Wii U controller (Updated)
E3: Third parties hint at a large future Wii U line-up
E3: Wii U and all the big Nintendo reveals right here
E3: Nintendo’s new console is the Wii U (Updated)
E3: Large number of third parties creating games for Vita
E3: Sony’s PlayStation Vita due end of 2011 for $249

E3 Mini-recaps:
E3: All our hands-on and previews from E3 so far!
Daily Community Hotness: E3 2011
E3: The news and trailers from all the press conferences
E3: All of the new games announced so far
E3: Nintendo press conference streams and liveblog
Daily Community Hotness: E3 2011
E3: Sony press conference streams and liveblog
E3: Far Cry 3 and more revealed at Ubisoft’s conference
E3: Minecraft, Halo 4 and more revealed by Microsoft
E3: Ubisoft press conference streams and liveblog
E3: Sony press conference wrap-up
E3: Microsoft conference stream and liveblog

E3 Originals:
E3: Here are your special E3 2011 Pokedex 3D AR cards