The Daily Hotness: Your mom’s an 8 out of 10

Some people on the internet are seriously dumb. In recent events, people have decided to show their stupidity by complaining about how wrong it is to give Uncharted 3 an 8 out of 10. These people complaining haven’t even played the game. Eurogamer gave it an 8, and they are being accused of trolling, being desperate for attention, or just being plain wrong about their opinion. We’ve got a story today with some of the best comments from a thread on Neogaf that has the internet’s most intelligent people talking about the issue.

Today we’ve got a late episode of The Jimquisition, some tasty Art Juice, a review of Unepic, a preview for FIFA SOCCER for the PS Vita, a cockney voice, some Warhammer Co-op, and an app for TwitchTV.

Destructoid Original:
The Jimquisition: National Kirby Day
Art Juice: Gamer 
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Talk to the developers behind War of the Worlds!
Interview: What’s new in Crusader Kings II
The DTOID Show: Battlefield 3, Skyrim, and Rim Jobs.

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Community blogs of 10/26
Forum thread of the day: Saints Row the Third

Contest: Win Battlefield 3 on the PC!
Win Gotham City Impostors and a console of your choice! 

Review: Unepic 

FIFA Soccer on PS Vita is a full-fledged FIFA game  

Battlefield 3 PS3 didn’t come with 1943 as promised
PSA: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine co-op mode launched
Confirmed: The ‘cockney’ voice is back in Saints Row 3!
Does Uncharted turn people psychotic?
New Kickstarter project founded by Geek Mafia author
Famitsu: PS Vita memory cards are a ‘requirement’
Get a free copy of Arkham City with Samsung’s new SSD
Check out Anamanguchi on Oct 30 with 8bitSF
New Nyko PS3 stand charges controllers… with magnets!
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection out November 8 in US
PC as lead platform made Battlefield 3 better on consoles
Kingdoms of Amalur doesn’t scale foes, it’s intelligent
TwitchTV now has a free iPhone app
Indie adventure game Gemini Rue is on Steam and 15% off
Hideo Kojima reveals Meryl Silverburg figure via Twitter
Just Cause 3 ‘set for 2012’ according to rumor 

Pink polo-wearing Ganondorf goes to therapy

Bass Pro Shop has two new games with fishing and hunting
Bloodforge: First Cut will cut your face off of your face
Super sexy Mega64 song coming to Rock Band 3 DLC
New Steel Battalion trailer looks really, really good
It’s satchel-charge madness in Saints Row: The Third
Capybara Games teases Super T.I.M.E. Force
Tony Hawk Freerunning for people without skateboards

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