The Daily Hotness: You can’t get in the Boom Boom Bar

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So Nintendo’s got a weird eShop system in Europe that prevents full-grown adults from downloading 18+ rated games during the day. It’s like a Nintendo night club. You’ll have to put the moves on Big Bertha if you want to gain access.

Today, Destructoid took over the VGAs and rigged the ballots (not really). We did learn that folks really like The Walking Dead, and that Dark Souls II is a thing. Elsewhere, we’ve got reviews for Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, PlanetSide 2, and Mass Effect 3: Omega; we give BioShock Infinite a spin; Xbox 360 sold gangbusters in November; Rayman Legends has a solid release date; and Pachter’s being Pachter.

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Review: Uncharted: Fight for Fortune
Review: PlanetSide 2
Review: Mass Effect 3: Omega

BioShock Infinite goes beyond our sky high expectations

Spike Video Game Awards 2012:
HOLY GIANT WHALE: The Phantom Pain announced at VGA 2012
VGAs: The Last of Us looks beautiful, gets dated May 7
VGAs: DARK SOULS II announced, baby
VGAs: Journey wins three awards tonight
Is Phantom Pain connected to Metal Gear Solid V?
Dark Souls II announced for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360
VGAs: The Walking Dead wins game of the year
Here are all the Spike VGA winners

BioShock Infinite flies away to March 26, so far away
Black Ops II patch 1.04 nerfs SMGs, ups UAV score cost
Xbox 360 dominates PS3/Wii U November sales in US
Shatter is brick-breaking its way to the iPad
Europe: 18-rated Wii U eShop games locked until 11pm
Wii U Deluxe system owners: Get in on this promotion
Rayman Legends out March 1 in UK, demo next week (Update)
Square Enix offers up a holiday iOS game sale
Kindle Fire tablets now sold at GameStop stores
Pachter: Activision should charge for Call of Duty online
Nintendo sells 1.75 million hardware units in November
The Soul Reaver saga has finally arrived on Steam
Weekend PC download deals: FTL, Myst, and SEGA

Japanese trailer for Vita game Open Me is so creepy
Kinect Party trailer makes your high fives sparkle
Watch Raiden kick Metal Gear Ray’s ass in Revengeance
Big Boi and B.O.B. to appear in the new Army of Two

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