The Daily Hotness: Wesker vs Magneto

We never got around to posting this Marvel vs Capcom 3 episode so here it is now. Rejoice!

Otherwise, it was a pretty slow day. Jim talked about how fanboys can not be such giant douches, Mario Sports Mix is out on February 7, the Dead Space 2 demo is now out, GWAR tests out Kinect and more happened on 12/21/10.

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Contest: Win a custom Bulletstorm nutcracker

EA: Xbox can’t beat PlayStation worldwide
SEGA, Square Enix enjoy iPhone/iPad mega sale
Harmonix ex-shareholders suing Viacom
World of Keflings makes beautiful music
New Vegas: Dead Money out on Xbox Live now
uPlay users getting AC: Brotherhood codex edition mission
Mario Sports Mix dodgeballs your volleyball on February 7
DC Universe Online release date set for January 11th
Dead Space 2 demo is out on Xbox Live
Steam sale: The Witcher, Burnout Paradise, and more
Play past Epic games, unlock stuff for Gears of War 3
Not a joke: ‘Madden curse’ movie in the works
Late to the party: StarCraft II gets a demo
An updated look at Eufloria
Mass Effect 2 on PS3 interview with Casey Hudson
Jensen admits he was ‘wrong’ about Epic Yarn
Another indie charity sale, this time for iPhone

GWAR tests Kinect
SEGA sends epic Christmas card

Missed Dead Space? Here’s the story so far
Enjoy this new Dawn of War II: Retribution trailer

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