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I’m sorry about having my headers always about Skyrim. I haven’t been playing anything else, and I am completely unaware about anything going on in the world. Some other games came out, I guess, but I’m not sure. Something about saints and a sword in the sky. 

In other news, we have a new episode of Podtoid, you can win a GTA III baseball hat, the PS3 is finally getting some new firmware, a bunch of people pirated The Witcher 2, Fumitio Ueda has maybe left Sony, the DTOID Show, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. 

Oh, and I’m not really sorry. Skyrim is awesome, and you can suck it. 

Destructoid Original:
Destructoid’s European gift guide 
Podtoid 178: A Bat With A Bra
Headless Cat presents the 25 Days of Giving!
Storm’s Adventure with Uncharted 3
You are invited: Lets make some TtWaV music and/or videos
The DTOID Show: Infinity Blade 2 & Dragon Age Multiplayer

Community blogs of 11/30
Forum thread of the day: What games are YOU currently playing?

Win a GTA III baseball bat, figure & brass knuckle mug!

PS3 firmware v.4.00 released, a new era begins! 
Rumor: Dragon Age multiplayer, Dead Space FPS
CD Projekt: The Witcher 2 pirated 4.5 million times
Gearbox is casting an IRL Lilith for Borderlands 2
PS Vita games will not have fixed prices
Final Fantasy Type-0 confirmed for international release
Rumor: Team Ico’s Fumito Ueda has left Sony
Skyrim patch adds resistance bugs and backwards dragons
GamePro magazine and website are closed forever
Rumor: Resident Evil 6 could be set in China
‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi to Host Spike Video Game Awards
Killing Floor mystery image teased plus free weekend
PS Vita UMD Passport game list is live, missing key games
Choplifter HD: Konami is getting to the chopper
NVIDIA puts out holiday GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores
Lineage II goes Truly Free today with new content
3DMark coming to Android tablets next year
Bit.Trip Runner 2 soundtrack teased, Wii U hinted
The 3DS and Skyward Sword come out on top in Japan

Cities in fighting games suck (or are totally awesome)
Mario does Jenga as a Japanese family squeals in delight
This big-headed Sonic figure is going on my desk
Super Street Fighter 4 art book reveals awesome rejects
New Army Corps of Hell screens have a bug problem
Method Man announces Sour Patch Kids game 
Let’s all take a moment to drool over Infinity Blade II 
Room for more? Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on iOS 
PS Vita’s Sumioni gets a trailer full of ink
EVE Online: Crucible urges you to stay inside this winter 
Why does this Mega Man X fan game look so friggin’ good? 

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