The Daily Hotness: We all fall down

Gears of War 3 was revealed! Are you excite?

Ben checked out Green Day: Rock Band, win some shirts from 1UP shirts, Reggie knows the 3DS announcement was too soon, Gears of War 3 will have four-player co-op and more happened on 04/13/10.

Destructoid Originals:
No DLC planned for Green Day: Rock Band
Winner of PSN’s The Tester talks competition, his future
Addressing the n-word in Def Jam Rapstar
Green Day: Rock Band makes its way to Destructoid HQ


E for Effort: In good Faith
Community blogs of 04/13/10
Forum of the day: Current Events Thread

Bringing hip-hop to gamers with Def Jam Rapstar
Taking to the stage with Green Day: Rock Band

Win some shirts from 1UP shirts!

ESRB outs 15 Sony-published games for PSP
Taiwanese MMO allows for gay marriage (yay!)
Rumor: Ninja Theory making Devil May Cry 5
Infinity Ward programmer quits after six years
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 staggering onto iPhone/iPod Touch
Gears of War 3 hits April 5, 2011, more details
Nintendo releasing DSi & Bowser’s Inside Story bundle
Company CEO thinks the Wii sucks
Four-player co-op confirmed in Gears of War 3 campaign
Crysis 2 writer thinks Halo is full of ‘bullsh*t’
Here’s a brief glimpse of Chaos Rings’ characters
The Last Story is in ‘final stages’ of development
StarCraft match rigging scandal is SERIOUS business
Is Splinter Cell Conviction freezing for you?
Reggie justifies ‘too soon’ 3DS announcement
Zynga taking ‘ville’ to the frontier with FrontierVille
Makes sense: Game retailer warns of missing DLC
Dead Space universe set to expand via prequel book
Abandon Ship! Three more senior staff leave Infinity Ward
Hot new SMT: Strange Journey demon codes from Destructoid
Today’s Forza 3 DLC: The ‘Road & Track Car Pack’
No, seriously: Put your face on a block in Tetris
$26.99 gets you Batman: Arkham Asylum today on Amazon
U.S. videogame salary drops from record high in 2009
Paintball 3D becomes the first Facebook FPS?
Epic Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker cake
Heavy Rain sells more than a million units
In Russia, StarCraft II could have monthly fees.
Splinter Cell: Conviction freezing bug probably fixed
Wideload Games’ Guilty Party to hit in late July
What the heck is Verhoeven’s videogame-based movie?
Epic Games opens subsidiary in Tokyo
XCOM reboot announced, is an FPS
DOOO EEET: Aliens vs. Predator Classic is $1.99
These overhead map views for MAG could come in handy
Today’s Forza 3 DLC: The ‘Road & Track Car Pack’

Presenting the ‘Splinter Cell Activity Book for Kids’
MGS: Peace Walker gets swanky new toy

Gears of War 3 ‘Ashes to Ashes’ premiere trailer
2D indie masterpiece Noitu Love 2 coming to WiiWare
New Sonic 4 screens let Robotnik show his moves
Beat the crap out of fruit with Fruit Ninja on iPhone
Jam With the Band DS music game comfirmed for Europe

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