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I’ve never really understood the internet’s fascination with animal videos. Often enough, they’re cute, but I’ve always been fairly disinterested. This though… this is something else. 

The Dtoid show went live at the San Francisco Vita Social Club today, Wesley reviewed SoulCalibur V, Journey is finished, THQ is still definitely in a lot of trouble, and more happened on 2/3/2012.

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LOL SPORTS: Why I don’t like sports games anymore
Friday Night Fights: The Simmmpsonnnnns
This weekend on Twitch TV: Sup’ Holmes?
Rhythm Heaven Fever special edition unboxing

Forum thread of the day: The Stock Market
Community blogs of 2/3

Review: SoulCalibur V
Review: The Simpsons Arcade Game

Mortal Kombat Kollection comes to Steam
Metro: Last Light delayed to 2013
DoDonPachi Blissful Death coming to iOS
Sony: PS Vita does not have any problems in Japan
NCsoft’s first iOS game is tower defense, free today
EA loves COD Elite, wants more subscriptions in games
Journey is finally done, waiting on release date
Scribblenauts Remix gets a celebratory update
The Last of Us takes place in Pittsburgh
Twisted Metal delayed and censored in Europe
THQ blames $56 million loss on uDraw
Escape Plan screens feature leather sheep beasts
Wow: Check out these Gravity Daze whiteboard drawings 
Dance Central 2 Facebook app lets you track your scores
Game changer: NPD to receive Walmart sales data 
Madden NFL 13 cover opened up to 64-player fan vote
Xbox 360 is now the top-selling console worldwide
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends gearing up for spring
PS Vita now playable at over 3,300 GameStop locations
Recap: 1st Annual NY Videogame Critics Circle Awards
FFXIII-2 levels up, equips Facebook
GameStop’s Retro Game Vault is ridiculously stupid

This is exactly how you’re supposed to play Saints Row 3
Scarface is the highlight of these Arkham City figures

Gaia’s Moon for DSiWare is a neverending story
Game of Thrones’ site is overflowing with new content
Natural Selection 2 still exists, looks better than ever
Here’s the arcade opening for Persona 4: The Ultimate

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