The Daily Hotness: Totaka’s Song

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You’re all familiar with “Totaka’s Song,” right? The short melody by composer Kazumi Totaka that is hidden away inside an indefinite number of Nintendo games? A couple of weeks back, guitarist Kris Escobar made a short rock cover of the tune. Nothing major, just some light fun.

Today, Jayson Napolitano gives you five solid reasons why you must attend MAGFest, Chris Carter details the latest round of NSMB2 DLC, we list a few games overlooked in our end-of-year awards, and the world is gifted an awesome Majora’s Mask arrange album for surviving the Mayan apocalypse.

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Rumor: Ubisoft interested in acquiring THQ’s assets
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Ace of Spades gets free winter downloadable content
Weekend PC download deals: Hitman, Rockstar, and Blood
Assassin’s Creed III and Liberation for PSN on sale

Jimquisition Awards Game of the Year: The Walking Dead
World didn’t end, have a Majora’s Mask arrange album
The Megas tease second MM3 album with a new single
Ganon Claus brings tidings of great immolation
New VGM supergroup Lords of Thunder to debut at MAGFest
God modding is the only way Nathan Drake can beat Altair

Series composer returning for BioShock Infinite
Dark Souls II concept art is full of nasties
Jetpack Joyride launches for free on PSN and Vita
Naruto Powerful Shippuden coming to the 3DS in March 2013
Stick ’em on: SteelSeries Touchscreen Gaming Controls
The Phantom Pain trailer gets an ‘Alternative Version’
A holiday update on the state of the Bit.Trip universe
Knytt Underground nearing release for Windows and Mac

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