The Daily Hotness: Talk Like A Pirate Day 2012

I love Talk Like A Pirate day, despite the fact that I don’t ever remember to participate. My friends Captain Dan and the Scurvy crew celebrate it every single day however (in fact, it’s Dan’s real birthday). This is a song from last year’s event. These guys are great fun, and were even on America’s Got Talent this past season (where they were unceremoniously voted off before even getting 30 seconds into their song).


Today on Dtoid,more news than you can shake a stick at from Tokyo Game Show, Jim reviewed the new Kirby collection, and other such news items.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 219: You’re Bayonetta, But I’ve Got Hemorrhoids
Surviving Pandora: A beginner’s guide to Borderlands 2
Live show: Joe Danger 2: The Movie
The DTOID Show: CoD Zombies, YAIBA, & Valve hardware?!

Promoted blog: A single player in a multiplayer world
Community blogs of 9/19
Forum thread of the day: Borderlands 2

Review: Realms of Ancient War
Review: Kirby’s Dream Collection

Preview: The Banner Saga Factions
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge: Getting bloody with Ayane
Warface lowers the barrier, raises bar for free-to-play

TGS: Sony announces a redesigned, slimmer PS3
TGS: New JP PS3 Slim bundled with Hot Shots Golf 6
TGS: Reader for Vita lets you read and buy manga, comics
TGS: Sharp, Fujitsu join PlayStation Mobile program
TGS: Tecmo Koei announces Toukiden for Vita, PSP
TGS: Valhalla Knights 3 and new Senran Kagura announced
TGS: Eat up this new God Eater 2 trailer for Vita
TGS: PlayStation Plus comes to Vita this November
TGS: A lengthy trailer for Project X Zone
TGS: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 comes to Vita next year
TGS: Ninja Gaiden 3 brings the gore to Wii U in this clip
TGS: Get hype for the Dead or Alive 5 launch trailer
TGS: This Puppeteer trailer will pull your heartstrings
TGS: Ni no Kuni charms my pants off, I’m pressing charges
Why GREE has the greatest booth at Tokyo Game Show
Yep, still crazy: Tokyo Game Show floor gallery
TGS: Kuma in a Princess Zelda dress makes Tekken better
TGS: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix announced for PS3
TGS: New trailer for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
TGS: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate screens show 3DS version
TGS: Ace Attorney 5 trailer is … OBJECTION!
TGS: Yep, the Rockman Xover trailer is really something
New Tokyo Game Show Final Fantasy XIV shows a rebirth

PSP to receive price drop in Japan tomorrow
Oboromuramasa coming to PS Vita in Japan next year
Big Final Fantasy vinyl collection is coming soon
You won’t wait long to get Dead or Alive 5 digitally
Publishers accused of trying to exploit Kickstarter
Resident Evil 6 uses two discs on Xbox 360 … kinda
Tekken producer on Wii U online: ‘I don’t understand it’
Reggie on 3DS XL: White doesn’t sell in North America
Kirby will not make a costume appearance in Tekken Tag 2
Beautiful RPG To the Moon on sale today on
Zone of the Enders HD Collection targets late Oct. launch
Rayman Jungle Run is out now on iOS
Darksiders II ‘Argul’s Tomb’ DLC detailed, dated
Unity partners with Nintendo to bring engine to Wii U
Okami HD dated for PlayStation Network in North America

Castlevania movie is happening, Worf is in it

Sony announces new colors for PS Vita in Japan
Soul Sacrifice delayed until next year, still looks great
Keiji Inafune reveals Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
A quick teaser for Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies
La-Mulana launch trailer shows development timeline
Midway Arcade Origins compiles 30+ games on one disc

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