The Daily Hotness: Sword dancing for Grandma

Yup. That was on the internet. I have no idea what’s going on, but it sure looks like they spent a lot of time thinking about it. Grandma seems really nice.

Today, we’ve got a new episode of The Dtoid Show, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, some cool screenshots from Max Payne, DCUO is now free to play (and it’s on Steam!), a drunken sing-along with a zombie in Saint’s Row 3, your weekly dosage of Podtoid, and more!

Destructoid Original:
Dtoid Comments overhaul cometh! Please update your email
Podtoid 174: Ant Honey
Live show: BurgerTime World Tour with MonkeyPaw Games
The DTOID Show: GTA V, DMC, & Sublime Zombie Singalongs

Community blogs of 11/02
Forum thread of the day: Grand Theft Auto V

Contest: Win Modern Warfare 3 & MW3 Gunnars this week

Dark Souls ships 1.5 million copies
PlayStation Home relaunch games revealed, coming Nov 3
PC hackers playing Battlefield 3 online without Origin
Saints Row: The Third PC is ‘not a port’
Sony patents biometric controllers and handheld
IT’S HERE! Layton movie comes to America next week
Deal North: Walmart’s pre-Black Friday and more
EA: Battlefield 3 is a ‘long term service’
PS3 catching up to Xbox 360’s lifetime sales
Final Fantasy XIII-2 uses your FFXIII save for a bonus
LOTR total conversion for Mount & Blade is finally done
PS3 price drop brings Q2 losses for Sony
Nano Assault: Infections are sexy now
Angry Birds franchise hits 500 million downloads
DC Universe Online has now gone free-to-play
Ubisoft buys Trials HD developer RedLynx
Dungeon Defenders celebrates sales milestone with events
Praise the sun for this new Dark Souls patch
Quality concerns mean Machinarium won’t hit WiiWare
Lord of the Rings: War in the North demo OnLive exclusive

GamerFood: A snack designed for gamers?
Lay down a drum beat while zombies eat your neighbors
Zelda rap video features a gangsta Great Deku Tree

Modern Warfare 3 behind-the-scenes details new modes
Tiny and Big is a game where you slice rocks like butter
New Syndicate trailer features co-op, ladies, mohawks
DmC: Devil May Cry trailer is seven shades of kick-ass
Grand Theft Auto V trailer is LIVE from San Andreas
Rollin’ with a zombie in latest Saints Row: The Third vid
New Max Payne screenshots full of action-packed action
inFamous 2 PlayStation Move support is now available
Zumba Fitness 2: Get sweaty in front of your TV
Three Silent Hill games coming winter 2012
Need for Speed: The Run gets a multiplayer trailer
HeroClix Online: Tiny heroes and villains will do battle
Valkyria Chronicles, Virtua Fighter modules in Miku game
Rocket Slime 3 takes cute adventure to the high seas 

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