The Daily Hotness: Stone Self-Righteous

I’ve been a huge fan of Stone in the past. Their Arrogant Bastard is easily one of my favorite ales, and I’m in love with their Imperial Russian Stout (the non-anise version). When I got my hands on the Self-Righteous I was expecting a mouth-gasm of flavor, sadly I was pretty sorely disappointed. 

The nose on this American Black Ale is light, fruity with hints of bitterness. It’s quite refreshing. Head is a golden tan and pours well. 

It opens with a hoppy punch and slides into a citrus-hops fusion. The alcohol gives it a nice warm finish. Overall it just didn’t have the punch or the character of Stone. It’s not  Levitation, it’s not an Arrogant Bastard, it’s not a Vertical Epic. It just isn’t what I expect from Stone.


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