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Well, lots of people have been demanding it, and it’s finally a thing that exists. Oh, and for free! For the uninformed, Valve announced its very own flavor of Linux to be SteamOS. From the little we know, is this exactly the thing you’ve been waiting for?

Around these parts, Conrad and Jordan completed their final Daily Spelunk, Jim completed his Now Bloody Playing of Outlast, we reviewed Volgarr the Viking, we checked out Scale, and so much more happened on 9/23/2013.

Destructoid Originals:
Outlast – Now Bloody Playing Pt. 6 (THE FINALE) 
Our last Daily Spelunk 
Live show: Just Cause 2 mod madness 

Community blogs of 9/23
Forum thread of the day: Grand Theft Auto V (page 47)

Review: Volgarr the Viking 

Picking up houses and riding butterflies in Scale 

Treasurenauts rated by ESRB, possibly coming in December 
Total War: Rome II rolls out its second major patch 
FIFA 14 is nearly the exact same game as FIFA 13 on 3DS 
Valve announces free operating system SteamOS 
Rogue Legacy for Linux and Mac ‘very close’ to done 
Microsoft shows off Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 
PlayStation game streaming could come to other devices 
Microsoft to expand presence in China with joint venture 
Risk Legacy designer announces new game SeaFall 
Rayman Origins for Vita is this week’s PS Plus bonus 
Xbox One’s long term trajectory ‘hasn’t changed at all’ 

Jimquisition: To Play The Villain 

Composer Hip Tanaka honors Yamauchi with Nintendo remixes 
Dress up as Aeris in Lightning Returns 
There’s a bearded Tyrannosaurus rex Pokemon 
Aer’s proof-of-concept trailer is very pretty indeed 

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