The Daily Hotness: SSX!

Who else is excited for the new SSX? It’s about time, EA!

We’re doing a live 24-hour stream for Conduit 2, the PSPgo is dead, Telltale is making a Law & Order: LA game, Centipede is getting a reboot and more happened on 4/19/11.

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Conduit 2: 24-hour release party live on Mash Tactics
Interview: Human Head’s Jim Sumwalt talks Prey 2

Community blogs of 4/19/11
Forum thread of the day: Mortal Kombat 2011

Win tickets to Distant Worlds in Atlanta!

GameStop extends loyalty program through Kongregate
Sony Japan may shut down this summer to conserve power
Capcom creates new mobile gaming brand, Beeline
Rumor: iPhone 5 set for September release
Earthquake caused $88 million damage to game industry
Sources say the PSPgo is officially dead
Microsoft addresses Indie Games ratings complaints
Amazon Gold Box deals include Dragon Age, Bulletstorm
Stop playing Portal 2…to buy this Portal 2 stuff
3DS Ocarina of Time gets new 3D Boss Challenge mode
TE Fighting Stick saves life, deflects stabbing
Telltale announces Law & Order: LA
Ubisoft shifts Driver: San Francisco for September
Killzone 3 patch incoming, fixes broken things
Dawn of War II: The Last Standalone coming to PC for $10
NCAA Football 12 cover athlete chosen by fans
Valve Complete Pack given to golden potato owners
Minecraft 1.5 adds weather effects, achievements
Sword & Sworcery EP hits iPhone this week
Doom 4 won’t be a ‘re-skinned’ Rage, says id

Mortal Kombat Legacy episode 2 still slow going
This is what it’s like having a Portal up your ass
Konami Style’s $380 Pyramid Head sculpture
Play the World’s Biggest Pac-Man

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collector’s Edition detailed
Get your Saints Row: The Third screens while they’re hot!
Atlus’ new 3DS title: Mahjong Cub3D
Video preview of Black Ops ‘Escalation’ DLC
There’s a Centipede: Infestation coming to Wii, 3DS
New CGI trailer for Inversion features wall-running army
Conquer your food in new Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is out
New SSX to feature ‘iconic exaggeration’ art style
DJ Hero 2 gets ‘Ultra Mix’ pack this week
A look at the executions in the Gears of War 3 beta
New Pandora’s Tower trailer tells vegetarians to suck it

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