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Cblogs of 04/19/11 + Funkisms!


Also, many congratulations (I seriously have lost count of the times I�ve said that to him, hahaha!) to my homeboy SilverDragon1979 for his upcoming wedding this weekend! d(�-�d)

*- Aaamaazing! 4: Modern Warfare (Thank you ArcticFox for giving me something to smile about during the Recaps.)

*- Interim strategies: On gaming and experience (A VERY interesting read and it doesn�t go where you would expect.)

*- Aaamaazing! Yo Bro! I got you a job, man! (I need some closure to Shenmue)

*- Blindfire writes about The Group Dynamic (Thank you! THIS is what we need in the Cblogs!)

M- Aaamaazing!: Devilish, Stylish!

M- Aaamaazing!: Who the hell is Alex?

S- Under The Radar: Jade Empire

No contests . . .

First time I haven�t had anything to put in the Community section . . .

R- Johnny Luchador reviews Mortal Kombat.

T- ManWithNoName shares some thoughts about Story and Subtlety in games.

R- Urahara reviews Portal 2

No culture either . . .

C- You have a good idea, but developing and having more thoughts on WHY one game was better than the other would be appreciated.

F- This is the fucking trash we DO NOT need on the site! NSFW language . . . it�s very misleading. I also hope you get banned!

F- If the Squid Man is going to fail them, I will too!

F- Great . . . another goddamn spammer of their own website with old news and shitty methods of trying to be �part� of the community.

F- Old and overdone . . . nothing more to say . . .

F- Seriously, after reading your comments . . . GET THE FUCK OUT of here! Your kind is NOT welcome here!

F- I�ve gone through your old blogs and you�ve maxed out at 2 comments . . . maybe it�s because you�re whoring something from some other site or place that we have NO interest in! PLUS, you fapped yourself . . . >_<

F- This a PRIME EXAMPLE of the question I asked the community in my interview. You know it�s a fucking trolling blog, you post in it, and you don�t give any attention to ACTUALLY WORTHY blogs. VENUSINFURS . . . I�m calling you out right here and now, you help NO ONE and your quotes are fucking useless, not funny, and just add comments to a blog that should simply be ignored.


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