The Daily Hotness: So much original content

Damn, homie. Look at all that original content down there. Interviews, previews, exclusives, regular features — so much good stuff. Makes you just want to take your top off and rub it all over yourself, doesn’t it? DOESN’T IT?!

Take pictures if you do.

Destructoid Originals:
Greenberg: Fanboyism is like rooting for a sports team
Greenberg: The future is bright for Japanese developers
The Journalism Show: Episode 02
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: The Most Dangerous Game
Exclusive: Raskulls multiplayer developer walkthrough
P.A.D. Week in News: January 15th
Friday Night Fights: White knight edition
The simple math of review scores
Peeling back the wrapper on Origins expansion, Awakening
Fanboy Friday: Num-nut Edition
Vigil Games specced out the Voidwalker before Portal hit
Dragon Age ‘will begin to come of age’ a year out


The Future: Human controlled gaming
Community blogs of 01/15/10
Forum of the day: Dtoid love thread

Building towns and beat-downs in White Knight Chronicles
Exploring the ‘Physical Action/Reaction’ of Heavy Rain
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Win some Serious Sam HD XBLA codes!
The results of the Overgrowth/Natural Selection 2 contest

1C predicts an all-digital future for PC games in 2011
Napoleon: Total War gearing up for a late February launch
Over 100 million Miis created since Wii launched
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom coming in Feburary
DJ Hero 2 basically confirmed
ESRB: NieR has ‘deep cleavage’ and ‘jiggling breasts’
Nintendo’s crap response to no HD for Netflix service
Gran Turismo 5 uses 80 percent of the PS3’s power?
Gran Turismo 5: 3D version coming this year
Get a year of Live Gold for thirty bucks at Amazon
Sonic’s the only playable Project Needlemouse character

Mega64: GDC is the hottest party in gaming

So baller: Professor Layton Revoltech coming in March
God of War III gets angry new screenshots
Aliens vs. Predator ‘kill move’ trailer is f*cking brutal
Resident Evil 5 Gold: New trailer, website, boxart
Tekken Movie’s first trailer: Like a kick in the balls
Ar Tonelico III trailers are crazy, show leg spreading
Monday Night Combat: Team-based shooting for the greedy
No, really: Cats confirmed for RISK: Factions
Choose your own adventure in Just Cause 2
Deadly Premonition is so absurd, it makes trees bleed
Rock Band DLC: Pheonix and a live Tom Petty track pack
Yeah, sure: Death By Cube isn’t bloody, that’s oil

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