Fanboy Friday: Num-nut Edition


Many of you have been playing the MAG beta, and if the reactions from the IRC regulars are any indication, it's been decent so far. Not everyone has been having a good time with it, though. If random strangers on the internet are correct, it's laggy, it has PS1 graphics, it's gay, and it's for sure worse than Modern Warfare 2.

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One of the big complaints people seem to have is with the graphics.

love the PS1 graphics btw

I don't know how old these commenters are, but my guess is they weren't even alive when the PS1 came out. If the characters aren't basic polygons with square shaped heads, they're doing better than the PS1. It's not long before someone shows up to put this guy in his place.

are you a gay xbox fanboy? cause these look nothing like ps1 grapichs and fuck graphics its about gameplay

Another person comes by to say that the final product will be NOTHING like the beta, because it's a beta. Even if the game had PS1 level graphics, the differences between beta and retail are so pronounced that it's like you're playing a completely different game.

b4 the game even starts it tells u gameplay,graphics & features & in PROGRESS u dipshiit

Not everyone believes him, though. This person comes up with a complicated theory as to why the game looks so terrible.

Graphics looks like shit cause zipper is supposed to be making a new SOCOM, witch is third person. Instead they made a shitty battlefield clone that is a FPS, zipper don't make FPS... Only thing i get out of the beta so far is knifing all ur teammates in the back in the starting of the game, shits sooooo cash. And all the animations look like crap also.

One dude tries to explain to everyone why graphics don't matter...

this looks pretty cool i pre order it about two days ago looking forward to playing the open beta. im downloading the beta right now seems to be cool. who cares about graphics anyway? any of you heard of wolfstein 3d? the first first person shooter and it has bad graphics but its a really great game? sure every person looks the same besides the diffrent types of enemies. so who cares about graphics its the kind of gameplay that matters.

...but his point falls on mentally challenged ears.

Yea, and wolfenstein 3d was released when I was fucking 7. Back then that was considered good. You don't compare a game made ~18 years ago to a game made this year. If graphics dont matter then go play wolfenstein 3d and save yourself some money.

One individual comes up with at HILARIOUS acronym for the title.

MAG = Mindless Atrocious Gayness

The guy who tries to tell him he's dumb is, unfortunately, also really dumb, because he can't even come up with his own insult, and he also thinks MAG is the first game to ever feature 256 players.

As much as I enjoy assigning words to the letters of an acronym. I can only respond to your comment with this.. You are G.A.Y (though I can't really think of words for that..use your imagination.) Point: PS3 and MAG rules! 256 players done for the first time only on PS3 baby!

The person who responds to him disagrees that MAG rules, and lays his reasons forth in this nuanced argument.

dude... the mag beta sucked cock just like the rest of the ps exclusives

Hmm...a console shooter that involves the PS3? I think this conversation needs a Killzone 2 comparison!

Its like another Killzone 2.Not worth my time or money. Even guns looks plastic. I am not even going to waste my time with this is developers to don't put more work to make it better. Just saying it holds 250+ seems to be the only thing people care about since thats all the game offers. If MW2 it would be more epic then it already did. It would just need a bigger field for an all out warfare. MAG i say gets a 2/5 seems like Killzone 2 but worse

Of course, the real comparisons are between MW2 and MAG, and boy are they great.

fuck MAG. Mw2 iz much better dis iz just a shit version ov a really gud game (mw2)


hangon this has brought nextgen into a whole new gen. 256 players online hey cmon that absolutes wrecks MW2 6v6 lol. you dont just rightoff everything because MW2 is here

I'm not sure if this response to the guy above is making fun of the amount of players MW2 has, or the guy's theoretical age.

hello mr 12

Despite what it seems like from reading the above, there are a significant number of people who are enjoying MAG. One of them has had enough of all these MW2 fanboys ruining everything.

stupid fucking cod fan boys, ur just flippin mad cause this game is gunna own cod right up the ass, i dont get how people like cod, its just run, shoot, die and then wash rinse and repeat all game long, no objectives, no team work, plus i hate all the perks and shit u get with cod, i like it when u need skill to be good, not some stupid perks and kill streaks and whatever other shit they put in that game, actually id like someone to make a list of why they think cod is better than MAG

Another one decides to be a little more harsh.

Hahahahahahah Call if shit sucks guys, if u think it's so good right a god dam fucking list of what makes it better than mag till then I rest my case that mag will fucking obliterate call of shit

My favorite part of the entire exchanges were these two ridiculous back and forth exchanges between a small subset of people. For the first one, a guy is upset because he's had problems where the game won't let him spawn.

This game is lame as hell. When then game counts down to spawning you, it gets to zero and then starts all over again. It sometimes does that for the whole game. Plus, you can shoot an enemy in the head, and they won't die. But if they shoot you in the head - you will.

Dude #2 thinks he knows what the problem is, and does hesitate to call the original poster names.

your an idiot. it does that if your in the middle of changing your loadout. maybe you should actualy get some skill and then bitch about the game

Turns out he was wrong, because the original poster most certainly wasn't changing his loadout. He's also very offended that his gaming ability was impugned.

Dude; I keep the same loadout for the entirety of the game. I get killed, and then I'm sometimes not allowed to respawn for the rest of the match. And who are you to judge about skill? I'm guessing by your name that you're some lame ass five year old who had to get his mum to approve the download of MAG, because it was too mature for you. Well; dissing others is not big or clever. It just makes you seem like an even bigger jackass.

A lame ass five year old? Surely they wouldn't let five year olds use the internet. I bet he'll respond in such a way that he shows he's not that young.

shut the fuck bitch !! I don't need you telling me how to fucking spell my words. But in case you didn't understand what I was saying too you . You suck ass I lag super bad most of the time n still get kills.  Stop crying about the respawn fucking up if it do leave the game but that got nothing too do with you getting killed.

...Oh. Well, we've pretty much degenerated into nonsense by this point.

Well, yes you do need me to tell you how to spell. What are you? Six years old. I kow Four year olds that can utilise proper English better than you. And, I don't suck ass. Chances I are, I've 'pwned' your ass many a time on the game. And if you're lagging, try looking up 'broadband'. Asshole.

But luckily the fight is cut short. No hard feelings though, there's a smiley face!

Whatever I'm not going fuck with your loser ass goodbye :)

Here's the second fight. It's really long, and really entertaining. It all starts with someone defending MAG from one individual who has been vocal in his dislike of the game. I'm going to refer to the vocal individual (who was posting stuff all over the comments) as FB1, and the person directly below as FB2.

MAG is fucking EXCELENT , it is a lot better than MW2 , dont listen to FB1, he doesnt know what hes talking about .This game is gonna be fucking huge when the full game comes out and people really get to grips with it, if you havent played the beta trust me its unreal , you can only have a 64 player battle on the beta and it is ace , with 256 players its gonna be fucking awesome and is going to DOMINATE the FPS world ( no doubt about that ).

FB1 responds to this post about him, and sounds like he's trying to smooth things over, until he calls FB2 a fanboy.

this isn't some kind of "battle" I'm trying to create. I was just giving my opinion. The game is neither innovative, balanced, or graphically pleasing. I don't play MW2. I played it ONCE at a friends house and was glad I didnt' buy it. And you already proved you have no idea what your talking about. You can already play 256 players in beta. The fact you don't know this proves you haven't played it long, and you are just a fanboy.

Before FB2 gets a chance to respond, another random individual chimes in with an attack on FB1.

hahah hes a fanboy? sais some fucking troll who posts like 9 paragraphs on why he thinks his game is better

And FB1 retaliates.

You know, I'd expect someone whos name implies they are close to 40 years old to act more mature. Kind of sad, If you *really* are 40 years old you should probably move out of your mothers basement. Also, being 40 years old you should learn to spell (you spelled says as "sais). But then I realize 20 years ago in the early 80's dropping out of high school must have seemed like a cool idea. Oh and for the record, I think i stated that I didn't like MW2 either. Reading comprehension, use it.

Finally, FB2 jumps in.

you really are one bitter little trol , whos trying to start a 'battle' lol , idiot , i was merely pointing out how your comment makes absolutely NO fucking sense at all , if it takes you 5 mins to find an enemy then you must either be blind or stupid . Also if you dont like it sooooo much ( probably because you SUCK at it ) then why the fuck are you trolling MAG vids slaggin it off. "fanboy" why because i strongly disagree with ur retarded comment lol fucking num-nut . MAG IS FUCKING AWESOME

FB1 tries to assert his superiority by talking about he sits at the computer all day.

I can keep this up as long as you want. I work on a computer all day long and get little pop ups from my email everytime I get a new mail. Also, I'm not the one who said it took me 5 minutes to find someone, THAT WAS A DIFFERENT POSTER. But you would know that if you weren't foaming at the mouth mashing your keyboard. And fanboys making comments like "MAG IS FUCKING AWESOME" and insults because they can't come up with a decent arguement to hold water. Was that too difficult to understand?

FB2 counters with a jab at FB1's sex life, and then claims that, unlike FB1, he doesn't have the time to sit around all day responding to comments. (He, of course, later goes on to spend almost the entire day posting. Go figure.)

lmao , i bet you would keep it up all day you sad little TROLL, i bet you often spend your days trolling forums N shit arguing with people on the internet , lol you seriously need to get laid , fucking Sad'O .
lol Oh big fucking deal i clicked the wrong name for my comment, and why didnt you just say that at the start you fucking dip shit , instead of trying to start an argument online ya fucking Sad'O .
Anyway you may have all day to argue online, but not me.........

At this point, FB1 is agitated, but still clearheaded enough to come up with a really witty pun.

Yea, it's kind of hard to get laid when I'm at work, but don't you worry when I get off I'll get right on it *pun intended*. I told you once, but you seem to have this problem with reading, if you wiped the spittle off your screen you might be able to see where I said I have a job where I sit in front of the computer all day. I have plenty of time to put little snot nosed kids like you in their place. It pleases me to see you come up with ridiculous inane words to insult me.

FB2's final retaliation appears to shut FB1 for good. That, or FB1 realized he had a raid to attend.

A job,lol, U just keep on pretending that if it makes you feel better,because we both know the truth is U spend every day all day in ur mummies basement.lol what a Wopping great nerd you are.The sit in front of the computer bit is no doubt true though,i can picture ur fat spotty nerdy ass sitting there picking fights online while you eat the donuts ur mummy made for U.Oh an when people tell U get liad they dont mean banging ur plastic princess after you've finished ur imaginary job (playing WoW)

To wrap things up, we'll end with what I found to be the most helpful description of the actual beta. Unlike all the fanboy arguing, it avoids all the flamebait and just posts an honest opinion.

This looks like Halo and Modern Warfare had bareback sex, made a slightly retarded baby, and infected each other with incurable diseases. Fail.

Oh well. I guess I'm still waiting for the first good game of 2010.

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