The Daily Hotness: Skyrim serial killer

That is one dedicated Dovahkiin.

Speaking of serial killers, The Daily Mail has undeniable “proof” that videogames cause aggressive behavior, the PS Vita memory cards got official pricing in the US and so much more happened on 11/28/11.

Destructoid Original:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a videogame, so deal
Bloggers Wanted: Tales from Skyrim
Good Old Games on PIPA, SOPA, DRM, and other acronyms
The DTOID Show: EmbargioKart, Skyrim, and Carboni

Community blogs of 11/28
Forum thread of the day: Genderbending

Daily Mail has proof that videogames make you aggressive
Valve says piracy is a ‘non issue’
PS Vita memory cards priced in North America
Rumolololol: Kinect 2 so accurate it can read lips
Confirmed: No PS Game Archives at Japanese Vita launch
L.A. Noire director’s next game is Whore of the Orient
Xbox Live Cyber Monday sale is not a big deal
Nvidia beta drivers out for Batman, COD, BF3, Skyrim
Skyrim patched for PS3, coming to 360/PC November 30
Three nice Persona art books coming from Udon
Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale has lots of PC game downloads
Kitase: FFVII remake would be too different or too samey
Nintendo to give out Pokemon Victini next month
Indie Game Music Bundle now even sweeter, ends today
Ouch: Kinect’s first-year sales in Japan
Nintendo selling cheap pets, puppies aren’t just for xmas
EA hopes Iran banning Battlefield 3 will fight piracy

The Jimquisition: How Skyrim Proves This Industry Wrong
Hey! Here’s some awesome artwork

Cyber Monday: Gunnar hosting scavenger hunt, 30% off sale
Playing Skyrim? Get this high-res, printable world map
Legend of Grimrock will spunk its glory in your eyes
Weird weapons, lilac hair, lady boys, it must be FFXIII-2
Call of Duty Elite wants some attention

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