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The DTOID Show: EmbargioKart, Skyrim, and Carboni

2011-11-28 21:30:00  ยท  Max Scoville

Hey guys! I'm home sick with a cold, so I couldn't host The Destructoid Show today. Luckily, we had Anthony Carboni of New Challenger fame take over for me... And... Tell everyone that I have herpes.

Anyway, news was pretty light today. The only big release of the week is Mario Kart 7, but the review of that is embargoed until tomorrow. Exciting. The director of LA Noire is gearing up for his next game, titled Whore Of The Orient. Luckily, nobody gets offended by video games anymore, so there's no way that'll ruffle any politically-correct feathers. In other news, the US prices for Playstation Vita memory cards have been announced, and The first big patch for Skyrim is coming PS3, and will reach 360 and PC soon after.

We're also announcing the winners of the first half of our Saints Row The Third Astro Gaming contest. We've still got another pair of headphones to give away, so watch the show and find out how. 

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