The Daily Hotness: Shattered homage #2

Yup, we did it again. Something about Silent Hill: Shattered Memories just makes us want to pay “homage” to the Wii game coming out this week. You all should pay homage as well!

Public Access Destructoid sees how Game Juice is makedt, Voltron has an awesome unpause feature, win some goodness from ThinkGeek, we reviewed God of War Collection, gamescom 2010 has been dated, Dead Space 2 was announced and more happened on 12/07/09.

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God of War Collection

gamescom 2010 dated, will have expanded ‘look and feel’
FIGHT! Evo 2010 dates announced

Child’s Play already brings in over $1 million
Dead Space 2 officially announced
Fight Night Round 4 ‘Champions Pack 2’ yanked off of XBL
EA: Saboteur sequel could happen if first one sells
Nintendo DLC: Rayman, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Shinobi
Muzyka: Mass Effect 2 to be ‘best thing yet from Bioware’
UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 in chart topper SHOCKER!
PS3 leaderboard hack ruins Modern Warfare 2 for everyone
Tony Hawk unhappy with our Tony Hawk: Ride review
Bayonetta: The all-important boob comparisons
This week on Xbox LIVE Arcade: Qix++
Square Enix hates the term ‘Western games’
Dead Rising 2 devs’ next game: Open world, maybe FPS
3D Dot Game Heroes gets DLC
ModNation Racers beta begins on December 18
Get Beaterator on your iPhone starting today
Tekken soundtracks now available on iTunes
Portal dev hops in portal, heads to Airtight Games
Ex-Clover dev wont touch Okami, wants to get Viewtiful
Wil Weaton did voice for Red Dead Redemption, was ‘fun’

Enter the Mushroom Kingdom of madness in No More Plumbers
America’s Next Top Model star plays Warcraft nude
Nintendo 64 emulator on iPhone looks great
Scribblenauts wishes you a Merry Christmas
Adventures in realistic Mario stuff: The Super Mushroom
The God of Tetris is a dick


New Kingdom Hearts figures are way too sexy
Mass Effect 2 space engineers use drones to kill things
Tecmo’s Quantum Theory no longer a PS3 exclusive
Dementium II: Free poster, new website, new screens
Final Fantasy XIII screenshots don’t know when to quit
New BioShock 2 trailer is electrifying
UFC 2010 gets confirmed, teased for its VGA reveal
Mega Man stops Wily’s notorious plans on mobile phones

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