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Bayonetta: The all-important boob comparisons


Time for another Bayonetta story, hooray! This time, Platinum Games has taken it upon itself to display its character models and compare their breasts and arses. If you were possessed of the illusion that this game would not be marketed on its pure sex appeal, allow that illusion to be shattered now before your very eyes. 

Platinum's character modeler Kenichiro Yoshimura has hit the studio's blog with some talk about creating the characters of Bayonetta, making sure to contrast the arse and boobs of Bayonetta with the arse and boobs of her primary rival Jeanne. According to Yoshimua, "Jeanne’s got smaller boobs ... and a smaller butt, too!" I guess that's how you can tell she's the villain. 

The game is out in Japan and a demo is on PSN/XBL right now. Bayonetta officially comes to North America next month, so if you're one of those who labor under the false and stupid impression that this is all I ever write about, you'll be pleased to know that your torment is almost at an end.

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