The Daily Hotness: Sassy puppy

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This pup is not having your d’awws. He is embarking on serious business and doesn’t need to be hounded by an audience. You’re barking up the wrong tree, dear viewer. This pup is writing his own tale. Pause. Ponder your life. Mutter your findings. Walk away. Don’t stray. Everything is corgilluminated.  

So much stuff is going down today. There’s exciting news of a 3D Pokemon game, we’re knee deep in CES goop (Oculus Rift! Steam Box! Project Shield! Oh my!), community member Cutie Honey delivered an amazingly comprehensive, fun, funny blog, the Shadow of the Colosuss movie looks more inevitable, Jonathan Holmes reviewed the rad looking eShop game Gunman Clive, Destructoid helped erect a god damn well in Africa, and more!

Destructoid Original:
There is a well in Africa named Destructoid: PROOF!
Team Fortress 2sdays: The world didn’t end
Carter’s Quest 2013: Every Mega Man Classic game ever
The DTOID Show: Pokémon X & Y, Valve’s Piston & Day Z

Community blogs of 1/8
Forum thread of the day: Anarchy Reigns/ Max Anarchy
Promoted blog: Eight emotions elicited in 2012

Review: Gunman Clive (3DS)

CES: Don’t call it a ‘Steam Box’
CES: Touchscreen gaming on a 27″ ‘table’
CES: Latest Oculus Rift prototype makes an appearance
CES: Watch the Charity PC race at 6pm @ Wynn
CES: There will probably be more than one Steam Box
CES: Razer’s Project Fiona launching as Razer Edge
CES: Better in person: Nvidia’s Project Shield handheld
CES: Ears-on with 3 new Turtle Beach headsets
CES: Gabe Newell shares some info on Valve’s Steam Box

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will not be on the Wii U
Videogames now accused of giving children cancer
Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Second Wave DLC now
Ni no Kuni hit with week-long delay in Europe
Fantasy Life on 3DS is doing very well in Japan
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes announced for this fall
Gold Nunchuk, round 3: FIGHT!
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows heading to PSP next week
Hanna writer chosen for Shadow of the Colossus movie

Archie Comics is holding a Mega Man fan art competition
Armcannon 3: LegVacuum 2 is out, is so money


Pokemon X and Pokemon Y announced for 3DS
Get these BioShock Infinite screens up your ass-gullet!
Capcom’s Remember Me gets new gameplay trailer
‘Revolution’ pack hits Black Ops II first on Xbox 360
Take a look at multiplayer in Tomb Raider
Iwata: Women sure do love that Animal Crossing videogame
Spiritual successor to Shaq Fu out now for iOS, Android

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