The Daily Hotness: Red panda in the snow

Guys, I can’t ever express to you enough how much I love red pandas. This video in particular is special. It melts my heart everytime I see the little guy try to walk across a snow-covered beam. Also, when he makes his own personal snow pile. I just… no words.

On this mid-July Monday, we reviewed Heroes of Ruin, Jim interviewed the OUYA CEO, Jayson put together his fantastic game soundtrack round-up for the month, and so many more amazing things happened on 7/16/2012.

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OUYA interview: Julie Uhrman tackles consoles & critics
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Live show: Come on down!
The DTOID Show: Adventure Time, Deadpool, & Spider-Boobs

Next-Gen: A ‘bullshot’ backlash?
Community blogs of 7/16
Forum thread of the day: Let’s play “The Thing” on the forum! A DOG HAS DIED THIS DAY EDITION, Werewolf Game10 (Page 585)

The DTOID Show is giving away five 750GB Seagate HDs!

Review: Heroes of Ruin

Ten things to know about Defiance

Silent Hill takes over Universal Studios this Halloween
MLG’s Summer StarCraft II Arena begins Friday

Ubisoft’s PC DRM broke due to Steam sales
Crunchyroll and Neon Alley coming to the PSN this year
Sony missed out on Limbo because it wanted to own the IP
Pachter: Wii U is not going to work
ESRB: Resident Evil 6 features hybridized spider-boobs
Need for Speed: Most Wanted pre-order bonuses detailed

Capcom still cares: Mega Man gets 25th anniversary treats
New gamer dating site invites you to ‘Shag A Gamer’
Jimquisition: A game by any other name 
Mortal Kombat: Legacy returns for a second season

PC and Mac versions of Awesomenauts are on the way 
Ralph is ‘gonna wreck it’ in Sonic Racing Transformed 
Collector’s Edition of WWE ’13 sure to be stone cold 

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