The Daily Hotness: Professor Genki!

Have I said Saints Row: The Third is going to be amazing yet? Because it is. So so so amazing.

The new weekly Bloggers Wanted topic is up, we reviewed Ms. Splosion Man, Dargon’s Dogma gets more screens, San Diego Comic-Con has some gaming panels and more happened on 7/11/11.

Destructoid Original:
Bloggers Wanted: Digital Distribution
Interview: Killing teen space cadets with Karakasa Games
Live show: Mash Tactics vs Battle Bears with guest
Comments of the week: Front page get edition
Live Show: The rain is heavy indeed on Backlog
New Destructoid Episode: The Origin of Ms. ‘Splosion Row

Freedom: What’s the whole story, again?

Tokyo Game Show giving away 200 free tickets via Twitter
Contest: Win a Dtoid themed Xbox 360 Calibur11 Vault case

Review: Dead Block
Review: Ms. Splosion Man

Using an iPhone to play FIFA 12 (iOS) on an iPad and TV
The next Harry Potter has a very Gears of War feel

All the game panels at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 listed

Origin Dickery: Battlefield 3 not coming to Steam
Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D in theaters for one night
Dust 514 to demand ‘cover charge’ from PS3 players
New ‘fantastic news’ for Marvel vs Capcom 3 at Comic-Con
Dark Horse publishing Valve ‘Steam-powered’ comic
Cliffy B: Wii U haters ‘talk sh*t’ but will buy it anyway
Free Apps of the Day: Android and iOS
Mark Rein: PC has ‘shot by’ consoles
Resistance 3 demo this summer? Buy Battle: LA Blu-ray
Capcom says PSN cards selling more due to hack fears
‘Unique’ online mode for SSX to be unveiled at gamescom
News on Mass Effect 3 ‘demo plans in a few months’
iOS dev: Nintendo’s on the wrong side of portable history
Earth Seeker music comes from former Capcom audio members
Pre-order Dead Island on Amazon for digital art book
Debut Dishonored screenshot teases first-person swordplay
Catherine demo out tomorrow, prepare the sausage-yogurt!
‘Dead Air’ DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 will release early
Nintendo Video comes to European 3DS this Wednesday
PC patch for Super Street Fighter IV: AE delayed slightly
Explore the ocean with The Magic School Bus game
More high-priced items are coming to EVE Online
Metacritic founder agrees game ratings are imbalanced

Super Mario Bros: Run finishes with only 600 points
The Jimquisition: Linearity versus Replayability
The Legend of Zelda: A Portal to the Past
From Fairytales to Fortresses: The art of Robin Keijzer

Theatrythm Final Fantasy teaser site brings the music
Having too much fun with Rhythm Heaven Wii
Dark Souls screens coax sperm out of my jolly erection
Info on Saints Row: The Third pre-orders, special edition
Dragon’s Dogma screens be bringin’ the Chimera, bitch!
Lantern powers coming to DC Universe Online
Former XCOM devs announced Epoch for iOS
More pink hair in these new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens
This Arkham City Riddler trailer is awesome, no question!
Octodad 2 shows up on Kickstarter
The King of Fighters XIII: New date, screens and trailer

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