The Daily Hotness: Prinnies are hard workers

I have hugged that Prinny suit, dood. 

We reviewed Onechanbara, Samit checked out inFamous, Nintendo of America screwed over Earthbound fans, the Phoenix Wright musical looks amazing, and plenty more happened on 02/16/09.

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Community Blogs of 02/16/09
Forum of the day: Psychonauts: Great game or Greatest Game?

Iron Grip: Warlord
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Ether Saga Online

Win Akinai Games’ WiiWare title Evasive Space!

What we needed: LEGO Prince of Persia
Owners complain that Mad Catz Standard Edition Fight Stick’s joystick is sticky
Codemasters: Name your kid Jason and win a year’s supply of games
Ensemble co-founder opens Robot Entertainment
Helghast soldiers invading Home, giving away Killzone 2 demo codes
Lionhead concepts are from ‘old projects’ no longer in production [Update]
Nintendo hints at ‘fun surprise coming soon’ (Update)
Despite constant attacks, Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop zombies stand tall
Rumortoid: ‘Sega Vintage Collection’ titles coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade
Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister digitized for Guitar Hero: Metallica
Burnout Paradise ‘Legendary Car Pack’ hits later this week
Legends of Wrestlemania roster is, well, legendary
A guy gets his knob out in GTA IV: The Lost and Damned
Robocalypse sequel coming to the Wii
EarthBound Virtual Console release encumbered by legal problems
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned-inspired Avatar clothing available
Rumortoid: Conan developer working on zombie game for XBLA, PSN
Good music: 7th annual Game Audio Network Guild finalists announced

Left 4 Bed: Post-Valentine Priapism
The important life lessons Left 4 Dead teaches you
British tabloid photographs thirteen-year-old dad playing Saint’s Row II
Playboy requests filthy nude Onechanbara pictures, gets them

Tekken 6 screens start an argument: Will it be better than Street Fighter IV?
Some of these ‘new’ Guitar Hero Metallica screens look familiar

Wii Shop Update: Evasive Space, Life Force
Death Tank on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday
Phoenix Wright takarazuka explains plot points through interpretive dance
Mobile port of BioShock still looks sexy [Update]
The Maw ‘Brute Force’ DLC hits this Wednesday
Prinny Adventure Day comes to town with this PSP trailer

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