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Okay, so I realize I am probably like 50 years late to this party, but one of my friends recently showed me this and I can’t stop watching it. I now know the secrets of the universe.

Other way less ridiculous things happened today. Some dude reviewed Sonic CD, some gal reviewed Trine 2 and there are some random previews and news things that happened. You can check it below.

Destructoid Original:
Best of 2011: Industry Picks
Live show: Mash Tactics Konami week continues!

Community blogs for 12/15
Forum thread of the day: 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Wanna win an Xbox 360? Watch The Destructoid Show!
25 Days: Win Sonic Adventure on XBLA!

Review: Sonic CD
Review: Trine 2

Preview: PixelJunk 4am
Hands-on with Zipper’s Unit 13 on the PlayStation Vita
Mighty Switch Force has an ‘Ugly Checkpoint Dog’

APB Reloaded: 3 million people playing cops and robbers
Grand Theft Auto III now on iOS
Ninja Gaiden 3 launches March 20 with collector’s edition
Square Enix: 1.8 million user accounts compromised
Nintendo will patch save files for Skyward Sword bug
Nintendo DLC: Master Blaster: Enemy Below and more
Redbox’s top 10 videogame rentals of 2011
The latest word on Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
Skyrim update 1.3 on Xbox Live, awaiting PSN approval
Neato! Google’s most searched gaming terms in 2011
The Witcher 2 devs crack down on thousands of pirates
Bethesda shipped ten million units of Skyrim
Now Sony says PS Vita IS locked to a single account
UTV Ignition holiday sale: El Shaddai for $29.99 and more
Play Nuclear Dawn for free this weekend on Steam

Sealed R.O.B. NES set listed on eBay for $15,999

Tower Offense? Anomaly Warzone Earth for Xbox 360
Gotta catch ’em all in Final Fantasy XIII-2
The heroes of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Survival horror Amy is looking really good, scary

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