The Daily Hotness: Peach and Daisy work the SDCC floor

Definitely the hottest cosplayers of SDCC thus far. Those two know how to make the boys squeal!

Today, Hamza and Dale continue their onslaught of Comic-Con observations, Fraser Brown reviews Endless Space, Iwata tells us to “live with it” on the issue of 3DS XL’s lack of second nub, we catch a glimpse of the new PS3 redesign, WayForward’s Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! will have a kick-ass collector’s edition, and La-Mulana finally arrives in the US after far too long a wait.

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Amazing Alex is out now on iOS and Android
Amazon reveals new service for free-to-play games
Want a second 3DS XL analog nub? Iwata says tough titty
Yakuza 1 & 2 HD release details leaked via Sega’s site
Electronic Arts ‘investing quite a bit’ in always-on DRM
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5th Cell: Wii U definitely more powerful than 360/PS3
Man blames Microsoft for his kid’s £1150 Xbox Live bill
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Valve to eventually allow ‘unapproved’ updates on Steam
This certainly looks like the new PlayStation 3 model

Hawken web series announced: Mechs will explode!
Here come the fanboys! Link vs. Cloud in a Death Battle
Indie Game: The Movie is half price right now

Beyond: Two Souls images are devoted to Ellen Page
Adventure Time DS game getting collector’s edition
Silent Hill: Book of Memories gets new screens
Latest trailer for Injustice shows off Nightwing, Cyborg
Secret World’s first content update announced
The journey is end, La-Mulana PC remake is out NOW
July Call of Duty Elite Premium content drops detailed
Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Mechs lookin’ sharp
New Revengeance screenshots are strangely horrible
Worms Revolution: Think I’ll go eat worms
Spartacus Legends trailer has big chaps and decapitation

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