The Daily Hotness: Nicolas Cage as everyone

Nicolas Cage could be everyone. If you ever fantasize about what someone would look like if they were Nicolas Cage, then there is this website you should check out.

Today Hamza invades Podtoid, you can learn more about video game music in our new feature called Note Worthy, Office Chat has some talking heads, Super Monday Night Combat leaked early onto Steam, Everquest is still popular, and a new God of War game was announced by Amazon.

Destructoid Original: 
Podtoid 198: Uncle Sterling Comes For His Candy
Note Worthy 001: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Journey, and more
Office Chat: Turning the Apple Valve and finding sleep
Place Your Bets: Hurrah, dystopia! Edition
Live show: Pitching the perfect game on Mash Tactics
The Network Roundup: We let it all hang out
The DTOID Show: Halo 4 Vs Conan, Dishonored, & Ni No Kuni

Community blogs of 4/18
Forum thread of the day: Battlefield 3 – Dtoid’s Elite Battlefield 3 Platoon vs Usedtabe’s Gears 3 Baby Clan

Win a copy of The Witcher 2 Dark Edition and more!
Win a digital copy of Dan Amrich’s Critical Path

Review: Blacklight: Retribution
Review: Space Ark
Review: ME3 wall decal/Vault armor/Bishoujo statue

Preview: Quashing the Rebellion in a Sinful Solar Empire

BlipFest 2012 tickets now on sale

God of War Ascension outed by Amazon
Oh hey! Super Monday Night Combat is now on Steam
Ubisoft sued for ‘ripping off’ Assassin’s Creed idea 
Retailer starts taking pre-orders for Dead Space 3
PSP games return to PSN after Vita exploit patch
Star Command developers run into Kickstarter issues
Nintendo patents emulation of handhelds for other devices
Darksiders II delayed to August 
Free-to-play working out for EverQuest, log-ins up 150%
THQ’s fourth-quarter results got a boost from Saints Row
Late Spring? Must be Indie Royale bundle time
More evidence of God of War announcement tomorrow
Soon: Guild Wars 2 beta event is next weekend
Binary Domain takes over your PC next week
Rumor: Poster targets Black Ops 2 reveal for May
The Zelda cartoon musical is both sprightly and sprite-ly
Got 9 minutes? Enjoy the Video Game Rock Medley!
The Mega Man Field Guide is for the automaton aficionado 

This Play Arts Kai Solidus Snake can have all of my money
Vita game Soul Sacrifice teased in Famitsu ad
YouTube hiring for work on next generation consoles
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer looks impressive
Holy motorboating, Batman! Senran Kagura to get a sequel
God of War: Ascension outed by Amazon

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