The Daily Hotness: Naruto Dreamers Fight, the conclusion

Last year, the Thousand Pounds Action Company — production team behind many high-quality martial arts fan films like “Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within” — released a Naruto fan film entitled “Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight — Part One.” Incredibly polished and accurate to the show (except for the actors who are waaay too old for their respective roles), it made some pretty big waves.

Finally, Thousand Pounds has completed Part Two and merged both halves together into one big action-packed explosion. The actual acting bits are heavily groan-inducing, but the choreography is unparalleled. Just skip the first five minutes to jump right to the good stuff.

On this spectacular Fourth of July, I did not burn down the house while baking some delicious s’mores squares for the first time! They were super yummy, with a graham cracker cookie dough base, a Nutella center, and marshmallow fluff on top! As for stories, a new Podtoid is out, Chad Concelmo shares a wonderful Fourth of July memory, Jonathan Holmes may or may not be a hipster, and the DTOID Show welcomes you to EARF!

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