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On this wacky Monday, things involving Nvidia happened at CES, Wii U sales are doing alright, Dead Rising 3 is rumored to be a thing that exists somewhere, we discussed whether or not handheld gaming PCs are the future, and so many more amazing things happened on 1/7/2012.

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Handheld gaming PCs aren’t the future (yet?) 
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The Question: What was your favorite PlayStation 2 game? 

Community blogs of 1/7
Forum thread of the day: 2013 Completed Games Thread

Contest: Win Under Defeat HD for PSN! 

Review: Seduce Me 

CES: Nvidia announces Project SHIELD gaming handheld 
CES: Nvidia shows off its cloud gaming hardware, GRID 
‘Sock Hop,’ Destructoid’s unofficial MAGFest 11 anthem 
CES: Full-size MOGA Pro controller announced for Android 
CES: Valve investing in Xi3 for living-room PC hardware 
Independent Games Festival 2013 finalists announced 
CES: Nvidia announces Tegra 4 mobile processor
Late-night listening: ABSRDST at MAGFest 11
Great MAGFest 11 moment #2: Impromptu dance battle!!!

Crysis 3 snubbing Wii U due to ‘lack of business drive’ 
Asura’s Wrath developer working on three original games 
Nintendo: Wii U sales are ‘not bad’ 
Dead Rising 3 mentioned on LinkedIn resumes 
New releases: Anarchy Reigns and not much else 
Sign up for the Final Fantasy XIV beta 
Mega Man 9 and 10 now free for PlayStation Plus members 
Companies can now bid for individual THQ titles 
Developer gives a status update on DayZ Standalone 

Amazing fan art depicts Assassin’s Creed set in China 
Get in the Halo mood with this trick jumping video 
Jimquisition: Desensitized to Violence

Watch a Dead Space 3 ‘Better with Kinect’ infomercial 

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