The Daily Hotness: Moe maps

This is such a good thing and totally not creepy at all. It’s impressive, creative, artistic, and adorable. It’s like if finding shapes in clouds was multiplied by a factor of several thousand. Just one more reason I should learn how to art — to be able to discern awesome things from country outlines! Though, as an Italian, I feel a bit one-upped here. Someone want to render a chic stiletto over Italy for me? 

Today, Jonathan Holmes talked to more women about videogames, a nice batch of previews went up, Maurice Tan reviewed Another World – 20th Anniversary, and you can enter a Dtoid-sponsored contest to win an assortment of meats!

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Talking to Women about Videogames: Sexy vs. sexist?
Live show: Ico & Shadow Collection on Mash Tactics


TGS: The Vita got about 20% cooler
Community blogs of 9/27
Forum thread of the day: Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century


Win cash and meat products in this Techno Kitten giveaway

Review: Another World – 20th Anniversary (iOS)


Talking to Felicia Day on the new Dragon Age II expansion
Fantastic Arcade: Serious Sam + JRPG = Random Encounter
Fantastic Arcade: Serious Sam 3 may be the best one yet

You probably won’t need this Xbox 360 S transfer cable
Square Enix says the Final Fantasy name is ‘damaged’
Bishop’s knife trick is an Aliens: Infestation minigame
Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition available now
Deus Ex, Dungeon Siege III, Dead Island cheap on Amazon
All five episodes of Back to the Future for iPad on sale
Presentation remote maker sues Nintendo over Wii remote
I gotta believe! PaRappa could return on the Vita
Your Journey journey begins Spring 2012
Dead Island movie is a go, Lionsgate acquires rights
Tanooki keychain: Pre-order bonus for Super Mario 3D Land
Bethesda v. Mojang ‘Scrolls’ dispute going to courtroom
Europe getting Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 bundle
CD Projekt RED reveals what’s in store for Witcher 2 v2.0
Bethesda details Skyrim’s award-winning voice cast
A bunch of Dragon Quest X info has rolled in
The House of the Dead on PS3 may make your eyes hate you
Civilization V Game of the Year Edition released


Documentary mistakes videogames for real life


This new Saints Row: The Third trailer is SAACK!
Sparks and flashes: New screens from Persona 4 fighter
My corgi has been Simified! The Sims 3 Pets is coming
SI swimsuit models in Need for Speed The Run [trailer]

City of Heroes: Freedom is now live for everyone
Shank returns in Shank 2, shanking very likely
Aquaria is heading to the iPad

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