The Daily Hotness: Jackie Chan retires from action films

We’ve been riding on a wave of euphoria all week, which meant that we were bound for a big crash. Here it is: today at the Cannes Film Festival, Jackie Chan announced his retirement from action films. His final big performance will be in this year’s Chinese Zodiac, the third film in the Armour of God trilogy. Chan still plans to do movies, but he wants to focus on more dramatic roles. Know what, though? The man deserves it. After more than 100 films, I would be surprised if he wasn’t tired and aching all over.

What really disappoints me is that there doesn’t seem to be any fresh-faced martial arts icons in the making anymore. Jet Li, Donnie Yen, even Jason Statham are getting up there in years. Who’s going to take over once they retire? I thought Tony Jaa would be the next big thing, but his latest movies languish in direct-to-video hell out West. Meanwhile, other promising stars, like Yanin Vismitananda from Chocolate and Raging Phoenix, don’t seem to be getting the proper exposure. In this modern industry of CGI pizzazz and big-ticket actors who only receive fight training for single film roles, is there any room for a new breakout martial arts superstar?

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