The Daily Hotness: It’s a-me!

Today we reviewed New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I hated the DS game and was expecting the Wii version to be the same. But after reading and watching the review, it looks like this new Mario game will actually be good!

Joseph revisted Prince of Persia, Ben checked out Just Cause 2, some more Black Friday deals were leaked, Final Fantasy XIII has a release date, Resident Evil 5 is possible on the Wii and more happened on Friday the 13.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Hooking onto, under and above Just Cause 2

Win A Boy & His Blob, plus an art book, right now (day 4)

Black Friday deals:
Here’s what Target will have on sale
Best Buy’s deals revealed
NewEgg deals going on right now

Take-Two thinks discs are going to stick around for a bit
‘R3’ pops up as a project on artist’s profile
DiRT 2 demands DX11, Intel Core i7 for maximum sexiness
October NPD: Sales down all around, Ucharted 2 number 1
Pre-order Split Second, get a vehicle of some sort
Las Vegas Convention Center to host BlizzCon? (Update)
Sgt. Pepper’s to hit The Beatles: Rock Band next week
Bobby Kotick is $20 million richer
One million units sold: Uncharted 2 has done this
PS Store Update: Braid and Star Trek D-A-C
Holy sh*t, a new Lufia sequel got announced!
Assassin’s Creed II clothes available for your 360 Avatar
Madden NFL Arcade hitting November 24th and 25th
Microsoft bans up to one million Xbox Live users
Rock Band DLC: AFI and The Bangles (Update)
Sure, Resident Evil 5 is ‘possible’ on Wii
Please be true: Alan Wake rumored to be out in May
Kill some time with Ratchet & Clank ‘Race Through Time’
Avalanche live streaming Just Cause 2 later today
Agarest War goes multiplatform, sexy eating fans rejoice
AdhocParty releasing, PSP multi making more sense
Win this awesome Blanka statue over on Tomopop
Dino D-Day: Great mod or greatest mod?
Expect fewer ‘Hero’ titles from Activision next year
Get Demigod for half price and other Impulse deals
Valve’s holiday cards are amazing
Get a PSPgo for $199 using a PlayStation Card
Have some more Final Fantasy XIII gameplay details

This Metal Gear Rex figure is simply amazing

Watch the first episode of Halo Legends right now
Sims 3 World Adventures out November 17
Final Fantasy XIII release date set (Update)
Demon’s Souls dynamic theme as lonely as the game
Vert shmup Symphony generates enemies from your music
Agarest War goes multiplatform, sexy eating fans rejoice
MX vs ATV Reflex demo now available, also bikini girls
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 DLC costume pack on the way
The alt costumes and new mode in RE: Darkside Chronicles

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