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Holy crap, we have a new look to the site! Tons of awesome stuff happened today, such as Tony’s interview with brentalfloss (whom I’d love to collaborate with on a Double Dragon “with lyrics” track), Casey previewed Far Cry 3, Jim gave another Blatantly Better, and…YOU GUYS! OUR NEW SITE IS SO PRETTY!

Destructoid Original:
DmC’s new Dante is blatantly better than old Dante
Spotlight: What if a brentalfloss interview had lyrics?
Live show: Retro City Rampage
Found a bug on the new site? Have an idea? Drop it here
The Network Roundup: Goodbye Ponds
The DTOID Show: Far Cry 3, Injustice, & Borderlands 2 DLC

Community blogs of 10/10
Forum thread of the day: Fashion-Toid
Promoted blog: Why I’m worried Project X Zone will be bad

Contest: Win a Wii U

Review: NHL 13

Preview: How cassowaries saved my life in Far Cry 3

Nintendo at NYCC: Wii U games and sticker-bombing

Larian holds GOG’s first ‘pay what you want’ sale
All Double Fine games are on sale this week
Microsoft committed to Microsoft Points on Xbox Live
Black Ops: Declassified will not feature zombies
PS Vita finally sells a million units in Japan
Ragnarok Odyssey hitting PS Vita October 30
MechWarrior Online open beta incoming
Square Enix brings RPG Chaos Rings to Android
Happy Wars dev thinks AAA games will go free-to-play


Exclusive: Archie is making a Sonic Underground epilogue

Green Arrow playable in Injustice: Gods Among Us
Hitman: Absolution: Behind-the-scenes storytelling video
This Yakuza 5 limited edition PS3 is hideous
He-Man punches Skeletor’s friends in new iOS brawler
Persona 4: Golden is packed with tons of new stuff
BioShock creator Ken Levine is playable in XCOM
Dramatic action shots from Dead Space 3
Natsume to bring Carnage Hearts EXA to North America
Wing Commander creator returns to space sims in a big way
Sega confirms ToeJam & Earl for XBLA, PSN

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