The Daily Hotness: I took an arrow to the knee

I used to play other video games, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if the internet had always been around? Would we find traces of memes from ancient Greece? Would the Romans have said, “cool story bro?”

Anyway, today we have a lovely holiday greeting from everyone here at Destructoid, another MassDebate that takes a look at the cost of video games, how you can win an Assassin’s Creed poster, Arkham City gets a patch, Microsoft doesn’t want you to sue them, and Modern Warfare 3 has sold over 10 million copies.

Destructoid Original:
Art Juice: Ream Park
Video: Happy Holidays from Destructoid
MassDebate: Full price retail play time? -RESULTS
The DTOID Show: 360 EULA, Scorpion DRM, & a Batpatch

Community blogs of 12/07
Forum thread of the day: UbiArt Framework-Rayman Origins

25 Days: Win this limited edition Assassin’s Creed poster

MAGFest pre-registration deadline is coming up!

3DS update is live: Shoot 3D video, play new free games
Xbox 360 dashboard update tries to stop you suing MS
Batman: Arkham City patched for PC, unless you’re 32 bit
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 passes 10 million sold
Tecmo Koei buying Atelier developer Gust
Tony Hawk’s new game announced at Spike VGAs?
The Amazing Spider-Man game premiere at Spike VGAs
Android Market hits 10 billion download mark, $0.10 games
Two more pay-what-you-want indie bundles on PC
There’s a Game Genie for DS
Bejeweled 2 removed from iTunes in order to go freemium
APB Reloaded beta is now available on Steam for free
Upgraded version of Kingdom Conquest comes to PS Vita
SOON: Joe Danger: Special Edition hits XBLA next week
Miyamoto to ‘retire’ from current position at Nintendo
World of Warcraft, expansions, and digital goods on sale
Hurry, and you can still get Bastion for $4.99 on Steam

Classy Sonic art at the Sonic Generation show in Philly
Level Up is a gaming comic that’s actually something more
That’s a real life Gravity Gun you’re looking at
Machinima teases (fake) Angry Birds movie trailer

The long road to Minecraft
Dynasty Warriors NEXT videos bring some Shu n’ Wu
The Secret World’s Scorched Desert looks brutal
Serious Sam 3 DRM = Immortal Pink Scorpion
Executive producer of The Last Guardian quits
Latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer gets environmental
Those alternate Batman skins for Arkham City are now DLC

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