The Daily Hotness: I KILL PXLS

Dtoider Guitar Atomik has just released his latest album called I KILL PXLS. It’s 11 tracks of pure jams that will make you get up and dance, GUARANTEED! The new album is only $5 and well worth it. Show him some love! There’s also a $15 package which comes with a shirt that old school Dtoiders well understand very well. Yes of course I bought shirt!

Balrog takes on Sundays with Sagat, Dale chats it up with Silent Hill 8’s Tom Waltz, we reviewed PlayOn’s streaming media software, win an Xbox 360 Slim with Madden NFL 11, Kirby is made up of string in his new game and more happened on 07/28/10.

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Microsoft thinks Kinect is priced better than the Wii
Latios and Latias coming soon to Pokemon HG/SS
Kirby is made of string in Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Uncharted 2 title updating coming today
Prince of Persia movie director thinks videogames suck
Ubisoft thinks Kinect’s no good for flight sims
BioShock 2 patch for PS3, 360 detailed
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Ubisoft clarifies R.U.S.E. release date
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Guillermo del Toro getting into games, full details soon
Anamanaguchi: The badass behind Scott Pilgrim’s music
Surprise! Call of Duty: Black Ops is getting a DS version
Latin America getting localized games…and a PS2 bundle
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Modern War Gear Solid part two has more ‘stache action


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