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Am I right? I know revealing this might result in my head ending up severed and on a pike, but I’ve owned The Hobbit since childhood and I’ve never read it. It’s odd, really, as reading is about the only thing I used to do, and I spent my childhood reading much longer, more dense works. Oh well. I liked the Lord of the Rings movies and I’m excited for this movie just the same. 

Today, we introduced you Destructoid’s overwhelmingly evil lot of The Old Republic characters, the impact of sequels was debated en masse courtesy of MassDebate, Chris Walden’s glowing review of Corpse Party went live (the PSP is a cool thing!), and more!  

Destructoid Original:
Meet Destructoid’s Star Wars: The Old Republic characters
MassDebate: Sequelitis
Live show: Mash Tactics takes to the skies in Starhawk


Community blogs of 12/20
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Review: Corpse Party

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Sony fixes PS Vita launch problems with … FIRMWARE!
New Syndicate game banned in Australia (surprise!)
Xbox Live starts 12 days of deals with half-off Bastion
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Five familiar games, soundtracks added to Humble Bundle 4
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Free Batman Inc. outfit comes to Batman: Arkham City
New PSP Dual Packs: Twisted Metal, Patapon, Hot Shots
Just Cause 2: Ultimate Edition hits PlayStation Network
Battlefield 3’s Physical Warfare Pack is available to all
Devil May Cry HD Collection set for an April release


Bad Dudes: Metroid 25th anniversary album is out today
Classic 1940s Christmas drama, Luigi style
Custom Metal Slug vehicle converted from Fisher-Price toy


Announced for US: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Samurai & Dragons for PS Vita looks pretty terrific
The first new Quantum Conundrum screens in forever
Wow, that Mega Man X iOS game is offensive
Touch My Katamari trailer: Goro the Slacker is a gamer
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