The Daily Hotness: HAWP DVD

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin is now available on DVD. The DVD includes commentary, outtakes, deleted episodes and more! Get yours today

We reviewed Borderlands, we are bringing you an exclusive look at Gajin Games’ next game all week, a German game protest failed, Liz Hurley could pull off being Bayonetta and more action packed donkey shows happened on 10/19/09.

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Hey Ash Whatcha Playin Season One DVD now available!
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Gaijin Games leaps into the Void
dTunes Editor’s Week, Day 1: Conrad Zimmerman
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Wii Fit Plus

Winners of the limited edition Pokemon shirts GET!
Contest! Win exclusive BIT.TRIP Void artwork and more

Borderlands getting a midnight release at 1,300 GameStops

Nerd Rage: PC gamers start Modern Warfare 2 petition
SOCOM: Confrontation ‘Cold Front’ DLC gets detailed
Yakuza designer would ‘never want to make’ a GTA game
Pachter expects price of Xbox Live to increase

UK Charts: Uncharted 2 can’t top FIFA
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks gets limited edition
New Sega arcade gives players the jump on UFO catchers
Rumor: Killzone 3 in development for 2010 release
Nintendo DLC Update: LostWinds sequel and tons of Domo
Liz Hurley as Bayonetta? Platinum thinks it would work
Resident Evil 5 ‘Versus Mode’ DLC’s price gets slashed
Oh look, it is a blue and a pink Wii remote
Hell is Other People will make you loathe humanity
Telltale Games loves the PSPgo (somebody had to)
Pachter: Borderlands has been ‘sent to die’
Press Start, the videogame comedy movie, sequel announced
Atlus re-stocks Demon’s Souls (Deluxe Editions all gone)
Kill Yourself: Calling All Cars servers to shut down
Fist of the North Star Musou gets Web site ATATATATATATA
Batman: Arkham Asylum’s ‘less is more’ design explained
On XBLA this week: Panzer General and Tower Bloxx Deluxe
Need for Speed: Nitro’s release gets pushed up
Hideo Kojima has promised Zone of the Enders 3

Wiitard accident caught on live TV
Geek chic: Tetris and Final Fantasy want to keep you warm

German group’s ‘game burning’ protest was a huge failure
Assassin’s Creed II video: Daddy Ezio slices some dudes
Heavy Rain walthrough video has an ugly child in it
Hate gaming? PlayStation Home launches a LocoRoco space
Two Worlds II gets screens as all Earth’s babies cry out
Watch out ladies, this Brutal Legends video is for you

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