The Daily Hotness: Game Over, Man!

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Personally, I’m REALLY looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines. It looks badass, and it’s FINALLY COMING OUT!

Today, Chris did his Carter’s Quest on the Devil May Cry series, Jim gave his impressions on the Dead Space 3 demo, Allistair previewed the new Disney Infinity game (and all it’s extraneous purchase points) and more happened on the 16th of January, 2013.

Destructoid Originals:
Exclusive: Legend of Zelda Twilight Symphony samples
100% Series Retrospective: Devil May Cry
Office Chat: Infinite horizons and limited vision

Community blogs of 1/16
Forum thread of the day: Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy
What did you think of the Dead Space 3 demo?
High Strangeness, a 12-bit romp by our very own AgentMOO

Valve scheduled to talk about virtual reality at GDC 2013

Preview: Unload your new toy chest with Disney Infinity
Demo Jimpressions: Dead Space 3

Here’s the deal with Disney Infinity’s price and versions
Did you start your morning with PS Vita’s Wake-up Club?
Xbox Live account migration now officially in place!
Iwata reminds us that the 3DS Miiverse is coming
XSEED bringing Pandora’s Tower to North America in Spring
Suda51’s next game Killer is Dead sure looks the part
Temple Run 2 hits the App Store this week
Riot is moving to a league system for League of Legends
Brave the winter cold with the Snow Storm bundle
Nintendo restructuring to begin next month

Bugs Bunny guest stars in Sonic Universe #48?
Game Boy sex! Parallel Processing by Danimal Cannon & Zef
Have you used any of these weird-ass controllers?
This Pikachu-themed pimp outfit is pretty darn incredible

Finally, a new Dynasty Warriors-style Kamen Rider game
Final Fantasy: All the Bravest coming to iOS tomorrow
Defense Grid’s Kickstarted expansion revealed
Battleblock Theater to start closed beta soon
Mega Man 25th anniversary celebrated with Avatar GLORY!
Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally finished
Army of Two ‘Overkill trailer’ features a lot of shooting
Splinter Cell: Blacklist pushed back to August
Persona 4 Arena might be nearing a European release

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